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Rip by Mr.Moo Review and research by Groovegirl

Posting and adittional info’s by Nikos

What an honor to be able to show your love and affection through words for exquisite pieces of music on FMS. I’m so grateful ,for this record fell onto my ears just like magic and I’m so young to judge the giants out there but here we go. Erotic but never sleazy, a distinctive harmony in the history of soul this album is. Tender   tripping booming  vocals is all the talent we can admire on this rare vinyl cut just like a pure romantic candle light evening before going out to a disco funk era to dance your life out. FunkmySoul fans, you’re in for a top-notch, ace –A, rare treat. The kind of funky flawless candy, which you really can’t be classifiable with   where it came from ,just from the lack of information that really overcomes the significance of its existence in memory lane. The “Wing men” as I like to call them of Barry White themselves on 20th Century records (sold to Polygram in 1981 and absorbed into Cassablanca later on) came to me out of nowhere one afternoon. This rare imprint has the taste of the “Sultan of soul”,” The man” and the “Icon of love”. So how swelter can this get? Before I jump into the abnormality of corresponding feelings to my first (and multiple) listen I have to say that yes there is a B.White cover in this album. Yes that’s what I could almost only talk about. Yes you should go on reading. This vinyl is being auctioned on the internet for a damn gigantic price. Fussing all about if its overrated or not. Well, if any album is blessed by the angel with the wings of Barry White and is honored with collaboration due to him as executive producer, I guess it’s rated over the rainbow in soul legend history! So if you’re going to start wondering   what’s it all about ,please continue  and confirm my affection. The man with 100 Gold and 38 platinum record awards has rejoiced through the voice of his wing-men the Westwings! Time of date to save, 1975. Time to spin this around : just a little bit over half an hour. Sure I’m going to fuss more about the producer. That’s the whole idea of making your point to who is writing history and who is making it in the first place.

I Got A Love For You 3:34
Have A Nice Weekend Baby 3:40
She Loves Me (That’s What The Flower Said) 4:05
Gave Your Love, Gave All Of Your Love To Me 3:17
We Got A Perfect Love Together 4:07
I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby 4:53
Look On The Brighter Side Of Love 3:59
I Wanna Thank You, Love 2:40

During the early 70s (73-75) for Barry White, the golden years, his sound was all over the radio and the burgeoning disco scene. Not only was it of his own Love Unlimited and the Orchestra releases at that time, he started producing as executive one-off albums for many other artists. Occuring the  20th century label these were Tom Brock’s (“I Love you more and more”) and Westwing (“Westwing”).  To fit in with the rest we have Jay Dee (“Come on in love”-Warner Bros),Evan Pace (“Face to face”-Blue Thumb),Gene Page (“Hot City”-Atlantic), Gloria Scott (“What am I gonna do?”-Casablanca) and White Heat (“White Heat”-RCA) which are all highly recommended as collectable’s for today. Can I say overrated? Actually no to my point of view. The estimating evaluation in soulful gold is overpriced. Between 73-79 Barry White (including Love Unlimited and the Love Unlimited Orchestra) released 20 albums on the 20th Century records,  almost all of which achieved at least Gold status in America. Why am I telling you this all over again? Ok,just say im paying my respects again, so that we are not spilling data about the average estimated albums.

West wing: A four man band excavating melodic sweetness from their hearts and a record spurting out the soulful sunshine all over the 50 states of U.S. That’s what you can optically perceive from the front vinyl cover. Even on the back cover of this magical statement you can just see their obligation to B.White “Special thanks to Barry and Mickey from West Wing” with discrete context to their estimated belonging of what bouts  or whereabouts their role is on this record. You can tell that Barry was a good personal friend and wanted to uplift the rhythm in their souls but why didn’t this get any further? It’s quite haunting and disturbing to find this out, because of its true aesthetic to the golden era. But what can you do. The treasure chest got buried and there is no map on the internet so I just hope they are out there and maybe fall upon this write up to give us some opinion on how things really turned out for them.

An L.A four boy “Barry White Wing Men” Quadra soul band of funk as I like to call them, the West Wing during 1975 made themselves an appealing LP and afterwards just disappeared (Vanished, Gone away, Kaput, Finite that’s how hard it is for me to swallow). I find these kind of shoot and away projects to be a disturbing melancholy to my inner peace due to such talent that could impress the music structure of any future career arrangements that they could hold onto for granted. It seems to me, that it was a “We know Barry lets jam this up a bit, do our thing, and off we go” project. Maybe that’s the best as pure music is first on board this trip,then friendship and not eternal egoistic mix-ups  that messes up the masses of careers. As though as we said there was a disco era going on in mid 70s glad to hear that this black group planned making an LP right on vocal, arrangements and lead plus harmonized vocals. Vance Wilson, Gerald Lee and Jack Eskew can be found on the back cover for putting a heart on the fine strong string arrangements. You can hear the groove bubbling from the bottom line when it comes to the simmer disco groove. Barry White has put his hand on most of the cuts. You can tell that these songs are a state of the art imprint of his mind algorithms in music tastes.

Soul music does have its unique rhythm and blues. The West Wings are a rarity of unique transformation. Transforming what? Language into feelings. What an appropriate title for first track “I got a love for you”, it  just grasps my breath away and takes me on a journey out of this solar system. When I listen to the word stroking the alphabet as“giiiirl” I can almost be in love with all the vocal fullness. Luxury and dedication that’s it. It’s a quiet storm that breaks into its highlight tempo on 00:40, after that time barrier you will just want to turn up the volume. A ballad that changes main vocals from high pitch to low, with mellow strings taking your heart on a journey to its own faith you can always depend on Black Power. Concentrating on East coast soul horn arrangements and double duets the sequence of dynamics in this piece has a charismatic infectious package, and it’s only the beginning! “Have a nice weekend” just expresses the weekly story that the maestro has pulled off very neat and nicely. “She loves me” starts with a mad bass guitar line from sexy melodic swings and moves onto the finest vocals of doo wap. The guitar infrastructure has trained my ear on every listen each time to the conclusion of a magnificent track. Full on rock black soul pop by the West wing crooners. If you don’t groove off your feet with this song in particular you’ve got glue stuck on your shoes and probably you shouldn’t even stay for a listen.

Orchestral and jazzy, smoothly crafted to uplift the happiness in your soul. There is no melodrama what so ever even if you expect that in “That’s what the flower said”. A groovy organ, staccato guitar , bass and drums start off the track, A demonic write up and sexual driven song. A stuck on sober rhythm that lasts only 4:06 even if you play it in your head for the next hours or so. “Gave your  love,gave all of your love to me” you could have expected Mr.White to start singing right around the corner. Just that everything is pinched up an octave. With a powerful section just on the last of the A-side. Crystallizing harmonics in pure orchestration mood!

Starting on the B-side, we have got a majestic explosion of sound (horns, choir, fearsome soul lust). A discrete performance to moody soul quite ethereal and extra-terrestrial in tender-ness. The first best thing on this album “I’m gonna love you just a little bit more baby”, yes Mr. Executive Producer is the credits. A FANTASTIC  cover in crooner happy land. Hot Soul that is matured on this style of subdued singing and respecting the original version. 85 samples of this song and over 10 official covers (including Funk Inc, Cecile Holmes soulful sounds, Jimmy Smith, Lloyd Charmers, Rita Pavone, Kellee Patersen,Gene Rice etc.) is the honour to this record. Capable of impersonating both the party dancing ,the romantic loving and the orchestral concept of the original the melodic fantasy of this song is intellectually creative and mellisonant! The aesthetic priority of this song, is the centre of action, the ambience, the soundscape the soul magic, the arrangement. Just it’s a pitch up high. Maybe that’s what Barry White wanted. To hear it from a different perspective! A self made man who did not read or write music, dictated every part of instrument on this record as a pure genius and a compliment track hit for his friends the Westwings. A winner. This track deserves special treatment and attention. As Barry never played his records after they were released , I ‘m sure he made the magic happen and forgot everything about it, just as the West wings created a myth and left it to heal for itself into time! “Look on the brighter side of love” has connotations of pride, culture and a pure gospel prayer to soothe your makings of tender love.  In my remembrance of “Barry White’s I’ve got so much to give from 1973” this could be the statement of the Man revisiting the most haunting mellow rhythm side of love. Sensuality and  fleshy energy turns the boiling point on this track shimmering the seductive sense of fluid low bap grooves. “I wanna thank you love” is a lustful dare of pure grooved out funk. From the musical viewpoint, the singer(s) is in the centre of action . The Black and White of soul style with a tremendous sax after the first minute to captivate your ears.  A call of response with a huge hook on orchestral instrumentation. “I wanna thank you” is just their way I suppose of going through the album into a great finish line statement as the end. Punchy sax a catchy riff and a love note .Thats it!

To summate the credits maintained in this rare imprint (even now you can find it rarely in Mint condition) the arrangements were constructed by Gerald Lee, Jack Eskew and Vance Wilson, Engineering credits go to Ben Jordan, Frank Kejmar and Paul Elmore, Executive Producer the “Man” Barry White and Producer is Vance “Mickey” Wilson, he too a close friend to West wing as supposed. I don’t really know if there are any chaps out there thinking :“There’s people making babies to my music, That’s Nice” the same goes for this record too. Go out and enjoy the soulful love. Even if it’s in anonymous infinity. Even if the stars don’t get to live or tell the story. It’s kept in mind, safe pure and always with a Bliss to funk-full music. Respect the artists. Respect the play. Listen wisely and you’re in for a spin to a never ever land. And don’t get me wrong,  I’ll never go around telling you to whom these artists are alike or influenced by, that’s for you to judge on clearly on this one!

A masterpiece! Go for it and leave a comment in respect for the sharing on FMS family. Thanks for  reading!

I would like to thank Mr.Moo once more  for his amazing cotribution on FMS and please visit his brilliant blog here .  It’s full of gems.

Groovegirl you are so talented. We couldn’t have made it, with this post without your help.We feel so lucky you joined the family. Bless you.

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  • Aaron
    Posted at 10:33h, 20 November 2012 Reply

    Wow! Fantastic.

  • Grumpy
    Posted at 12:23h, 20 November 2012 Reply

    A bit cheesy but very tasty 😉

  • Mary77
    Posted at 21:15h, 20 November 2012 Reply

    A new one on me. Unbelievably good!!

  • John Waters
    Posted at 21:18h, 20 November 2012 Reply

    awesome stuff. respect.

  • Steven
    Posted at 22:03h, 20 November 2012 Reply

    Cannot wait to give this a listen — your write-up makes it sound stellar! Thanks so much for opening my eyes to a new band I never knew before.

  • Adam
    Posted at 14:58h, 21 November 2012 Reply

    I’m always excited about discovering a new soul group. Thanks for the upload.

  • Ruth
    Posted at 21:13h, 21 November 2012 Reply

    in one word:awesome!!

  • Anterson
    Posted at 21:18h, 21 November 2012 Reply

    Incredible to see this ~ Many thanks!

  • SFdoomed
    Posted at 18:36h, 22 November 2012 Reply

    A true lost masterpiece! Thank you for sharing. You have a fantastic blog.

  • Mr. Moo
    Posted at 19:12h, 22 November 2012 Reply

    @GrooveGirl: Four words: an utterly magnificent review! Thanks a zillion!

  • groovegirl
    Posted at 03:06h, 23 November 2012 Reply

    thanks all for the fantastic +1 support!
    @mr.moo thanks a lot!
    it all comes from the heart:)

  • Gordon T
    Posted at 20:57h, 23 November 2012 Reply

    This album is off the charts!! The QUALITY of this rip is just so breathtaking! If I didn’t know for sure this album was only released on LP, I would be convinced that this is the CD. But we won’t

    need the CD anymore, mr. Moo, now won’t we… Excellent, excellent and oh yes, excellent post!!! People, you simply have to check it out. Love the posts on your own blog equally!! You deliver time

    and again!! And I bow before groovegirl, you’ve birthed an outstanding piece of information. Also thank you nikos, for making it all possible only on FMS!

  • groovegirl
    Posted at 03:25h, 24 November 2012 Reply

    Hey Gordon thanks for the kind words,it’s kind of tough to make poetry out of a rare story,but if the music is there,words will survive the myst,flying through funk air.As long as the peace and love stays strong in here (just like your warm commenting and from all the above mates) we will find time to share the love!

  • Agnes
    Posted at 12:00h, 24 November 2012 Reply

    Soul lovers everywhere are reading and feeling your passion.

  • George
    Posted at 12:13h, 24 November 2012 Reply

    sheer class

  • Raphy
    Posted at 14:57h, 24 November 2012 Reply

    This is such a rarity, Superb post Mr. Moo.
    I’m aware of the Lp, but personally I don’t have it on my shelf…
    Groovegirl, WOW! I don’t know if any of the guys here already propose to you..LOl, Well I don’t mind being the first..lol. Thank you for being YOU!

    Big Up!@!

  • york
    Posted at 14:57h, 24 November 2012 Reply

    Wow! A fine rare LP.Thanx.

  • Alex K
    Posted at 22:35h, 24 November 2012 Reply

    Αnother superb post. Thank you Mr.moo and Groovegirl.

  • Marty
    Posted at 00:26h, 26 November 2012 Reply

    Simply incredible.

  • petey
    Posted at 00:50h, 27 November 2012 Reply

    pretty big fan of barry white…had no idea about these guys. great, fresh covers of the old standards. yall have done it again! many thanks!

  • Gameover
    Posted at 12:04h, 28 November 2012 Reply

    Wow…I can’t believe how amazing this LP is.

  • Jelly
    Posted at 09:58h, 29 November 2012 Reply

    i remember it like it was yesterday. this music will live forever.

  • Sucio
    Posted at 03:22h, 08 December 2012 Reply

    Excellent stuff.

  • brotherpete
    Posted at 03:08h, 02 January 2013 Reply

    thank you nikos!

  • Name
    Posted at 20:46h, 08 August 2013 Reply

    thank u nikos and mr. moo

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