Timi Yuro – 1964 – The Amazing Timi Yuro

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Timi only recorded one album with Mercury, produced by Quincy Jones, arranged and conducted by Bobby Scott. It was her most “grown up” album she ever did and it consisted of several standards.

The recordings are truly memorable, and it’s easy to understand why, of all her albums, “Amazing” was purportedly Timi’s personal favourite. Even in monaural, her incredible voice never sounded better.


This is a vinyl (320@) rip of my original Mercury MG20963 LP, except B1 which was taken by the reissue CD, cause this song was destroyed in the LP.



A1. I’m Afraid the Masquerade Is Over
A2. All I Need Is You
A3. I Love My Man
A4. I Didn’t Know What Time It Was
A5. I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good)
A6. If

B1. Maybe You’ll Be There
B2. I Can Dream, Can’t I?
B3. Johnny
B4. There Must Be a Way
B5. My Foolish Heart
B6. I’m Still Around

The Reviews


This album is the most “adult” set of recordings she ever made, and they will never date. Her voice is sheer perfection, and Tim wrings every ounce of emotion she has on each one. My own personal favourite is “All I Need Is You“, but they are all gems. She was a terrific singer, and to me outshone Streisand and Franklin and all the other female singers. I think she suffered from very bad promotion and management, as she should have been a huge star. I have every record she made, some are signed by her, which I treasure. I also now have almost everything she did on cd, which saves me from playing my treasured vinyl which I will never part with. I also have fan club material which I have kept from the sixties, plus a couple of letters she wrote to me. The last one was very sad, as she was telling me that she had just recorded what she called “the last thing I can ever offer to you”, which was her superb album with Willie Nelson. She knew she would never record again due to her wicked cancer, which eventually took her from us. She is so very sadly missed, not only as a lovely little lady, but also as possibly one of the greatest white soul singers who ever lived. Why she never reached the top I just don’t know as she certainly deserved to be there…. (Mike Rossiter)


Oh my lord there is only one and It is the GREAT TIMI YURO. She is the greatest female singer that ever lived! I’ve heard people say she’s the greatest white female soul singer, take out the word white and you’d be right. I first heard Timi when I was sixteen years old and knew then this woman could sing like no other. Her voice would make an angel smile. There are so many of her songs that are amazing. It’s hard to pick one out. I have many of her albums and love every one of them, she’s the best, back and beyond. You can’t go wrong buying her music If you’re new to TIMI Start with her early recordings, If you live 100 years you’ll never hear a woman with a more powerful voice. Yes the little white girl could sing!! (B.Richardson)


“The Amazing Timi Yuro” is full of some of the most extraordinary renditions of songs I have ever heard. Timi belts her songs in a lower range, which strongly appeals to me, and she sings with total sincerity and emotion. She really puts her all into everything song she sings — and sometimes the strain on her vocal chords does show, as when her voice cracks in “I Didn’t Know What Time it Was” (I am not sure if her throat cancer was due to her singing, but I assume it was). Every song in “The Amazing Timi Yuro” is wonderful. I’ve been listening to this album for 23 years now, and I never tire of it. Timi really was “soul.” Many of her contemporaries, most notably Barbra Streisand, were much into technique, but Timi specialized in capturing the emotion and soul of a song. Really, she’s the most amazing singer I’ve ever heard………….
…….To cite the cliche, if I was to have only one CD on a deserted island, it would definitely be “The Amazing Timi Yuro.” It is an astonishing achievement. Taken in conjunction with her Liberty recordings, it reveals an incredibly gifted artist whom the gods graced with almost superhuman talent only to take it all away with bad timing (she was undermined the British invasion in the late ’60s) and health issues. Her fans don’t need a record title to tell them Timi was amazing: we’ve known that for years. (R.Buller)


You can buy the CD that chronicles Timi’s years on Mercury Records 1964-1967. The 24 track CD starts out with Timi’s only LP she released on Mercury Records in 1964, the last 12 tracks on this compilation include most of the singles Timi released on Mercury between 1965 and 1967.


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    ive been groovin thru your collection, but i must stop & give my love & respect to Timi Yuro, my favorite soul singer!

    That woman knew how to work!!!!

    She could take you from crying on the bathroom floor to soaring above the stars!

    She could take the msot common song & blow it out into an epic drama!

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    As long as I can listen to Timi, “It’ll Never Be Over For Me”. Thanks

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