The Jones Girls – 1980 – At Peace With Woman

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The Jones Girls At Peace With Woman front

Classic Jones Girls for Philly!

The record’s a landmark album in the shift from Philly disco to sophisticated modern – and the smooth tight vocals of The Jones Girls are to the latter half of Philly what the runaway singing of Three Degrees were to the early half. Includes their excellent remake of the Stylistics’ “Children of the Night” – which has a cool sample riff on the intro – plus the cuts “I Just Love The Man“, “When I’m Gone“, “At Peace With Woman“, and “Back In the Day”. One of the best female records on Philly International, and with excellent work by Dexter Wansel and Kenny Gamble! 

A1 Children of the Night 5:11
A2 Let’s Celebrate (Sittin’ on Top of the World) 4:19
A3 Dance Turned Into a Romance 4:29
A4 I Close My Eyes 4:56
B1 At Peace With Woman 4:31
B2 When I’m Gone 4:49
B3 I Just Love the Man 4:40
B4 Back in the Day 3:58

The Jones Girls At Peace With Woman back

BBC Review

If ever a group encapsulated mystery and sophistication for young, impressionable UK funkateers at the turn of the 80s, it was the Jones Girls. The Detroit-based sisters – Shirley, Brenda and Valerie – had been recording since the early 70s. However, it was the success they had supporting Diana Ross on tour in the middle of the decade that brought them to the attention of Philadephia International Records (PIR) founder Kenny Gamble.

They became something of PIR vocalists of choice, singing backups for many of the groups, taking on the mantle once occupied by the Three Degrees. The Jones’ self-titled debut album in 1979 set out their stall perfectly – woozy,
jazz-tinged close harmony soul which proved an instant hit.

The Jones Girls At Peace With Woman label 1

Working with the cream of the label’s musicians and recorded at Philadelphia’s legendary Sigma Sound Studios, the following year’s At Peace With Woman took the formula further.

Although their up-tempo material such as DanceTurned Into A Romance and US hit I Just Love The Man were great successes, the UK connoisseur much preferred their slower, quiet storm material. And there are a couple of absolute stormers here. Album opener, the Thom Bell/Linda Creed-penned Stylistics cover Children Of The Night, sets the languid pace, full of images of night and mystery over a humid groove.

It is the title track that typifies their mellow approach. With an introduction reminiscent of Earth Wind and Fire’s Fantasy, it espouses a down-home practical feminism – ”There won’t be peace on earth ’til man’s at peace with woman”. Their vocal blend here is at its most powerful.

The Jones Girls’ smooth soul reached its apogee with Nights Over Egypt from their 1982 album Get As Much Love As You Can.

But for overall consistency,

At Peace With Woman is the Jones Girls at their finest.

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    Come…..let we dance…

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    Sounds good! Thanks!

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    thank you!!

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    I love it and I’m 23 ❤️ I love old school

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    Boy, did I ever dance to this back in the day.

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    These girls are good

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    philly gold, baby……..

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    Aah, the Sound of Philadelphia. You just can’t beat it, nor any other disco music.

  • Freeman
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    This one of the groups I used to love to dance to back in the 80s

  • Alan
    Posted at 18:29h, 27 May 2015 Reply

    such a brilliant catalogue… soul/funk fans……we are blessed…unique music.

  • Uman
    Posted at 08:56h, 28 May 2015 Reply

    can’t get no better than this.

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    I’m feeling that, yes old school all the way

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    Oh yeah loving the tune brings me back

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    I think when this song came out I went skate key in the bronx with my junior high school.

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    Dope. Thank u.

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    Again, another one I’m totally unfamiliar with, but given all the fuss it must be worth a listen! Can’t wait to hear it! Thanks so much!!

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    musica lenta…

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    My dad had me grow up listening to some good oldies

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    catchy vibes

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