03 May 2019
Rare Earth – 1969 – Get Ready

Despite the grandiose success of their hit single “Get Ready”, Rare Earth had a discography of brilliant albums…this being one of them. There is a nice rendition of the classic “Tobacco Road” and even nicer version of “Get Ready” (which runs for 20 minutes, entirely...
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28 Apr 2019
Jean Carn – 1978 – Happy To Be With You

The songwriting, production, arrangements, and music are perfectly matched to Jean Carn’s passionate singing. Gamble/Huff put the right amount of restraint on the superb musical backing of MFSB so that Ms. Carn’s vocalization is at the forefront. Her interpretation of each song is so believable,...
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01 May 2018
The Artistics – 1969 – What Happened

Six slammin’ Artistics sides and four standards “artistically” sung make for some enjoyable listening. The Chi-Lites’ “Price of Love” is sung in Marvin Smith’s natural voice, distinguishing it from the original falsetto version. Gary Jackson’s “Yesterday’s Girl” remains one of their more enduring recordings. The...
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