Randy Brown – 1980 – Midnight Desire

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A sweet, smooth stepper from the great Randy Brown and a record that’s got the same sublime mix of mellow grooves and earthy vocals that you might find on some of Tyrone Davis’ best late 70s work for Columbia! Tunes are all plenty darn fresh – written by the team of Homer Banks and Chuck Brooks, who also produced the album – and Randy’s got this way of hitting a groove that’s confident, but never arrogant – a perfect late 70s masculine mode, of the sort only a handful of singers could handle this well!

A1 Love Formula 69 3:16
A2 We Ought To Be Doin’ It 4:46
A3 Things That I Could Do To You 3:31
A4 You’re So Good 6:39
A5 With Your Love 3:48
B1 Without You (I Can’t Make It Through The Night) 4:12
B2 The Next Best Thing To Being There 7:14
B3 Do You Love Me? 5:08
B4 Love Be With You 4:52

Midnight Desire is the third album by the criminally under-recognized Memphis deep soul singer Randy Brown. It was released in 1980 on Chocolate City, and was written almost entirely by his production team of Homer Banks and Chuck Brooks. Unlike his earlier albums, this set has a bluesier, funkier, party feel in many of its nine cuts. The fun begins with the popping stepper “Love Formula 69” that opens the album. Then horn-driven groover “We Oughta Be Doin’ It“,follows it with a killer croon vocal amid the tough arrangements by Brown. “Things That I Could Do to You” puts the beat in the bedroom, and its bassline and funky guitar riff walk a back-arching line between disco and soul. Slippery groove aside, the set does include one absolutely stone-killer deep soul ballad in “The Next Best Thing to Being There” and a midtempo one in “Do You Love Me” – despite its big syncopated horn section in the intro, it contains a neat little Temptations quote in the lyric. The final track, “Love Be with You,” is another midtempo ballad, but its rousing chorus contains more than a little gospel to send it out on an “up” note.

There isn’t a dud in the bunch, and it provides both an excellent introduction to one of soul’s great talents as well as standing tall as perhaps the finest recording in his catalog.

Get his excellent debut (1978) LP “Welcome To My Room” on our back pages here    

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    Thank you for the uploads, takes me back to my childhood in the late 70s…….

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    Randy Brown is a legend. A great voice and very under-appreciated. Thanks.

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    A gem. Keep’m coming…

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    Great. if you havent listened to R.Brown you need to.

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  • Get Smart
    Posted at 04:27h, 20 August 2013 Reply

    Two years earlier, Shirley had released, probably, one of her finest albums for Sound Town, the Homer Banks produced, ‘Intimate Storm’.

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    ibless does anyone had frankie & the spindells makeup time part1&2 album

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