Mel & Tim – 1969 – Good Guys Only Win In The Movies

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Fantastic harmony soul LP with great Chicago soul production by Gene Chandler, and singing from Mel & Tim that will blow your mind! The tracks are a fantastic example of the sort of psychedelic soul sound that was coming out of Chicago at the time — with tight catchy hooks in the songs, soaring soulful harmonies, and excellent instrumentation that has some good fuzzy bits and nice hard drums.

Every track’s a winner, but our faves are the title cut, plus “I’ve Got Purdee”, “Caught You In The Act”, “Mail Call Time”, the heavy “Feeling Bad”, and “Ain’t Love Wonderful”. Also includes their big hit “Backfield In Motion”.


Bamboo LP BMS8001 – 1969


1. Good Guys Only Win In The Movies
2. Forget It, I’ve Got It
3. I’ve Got Puredee
4. Feeling Bad
5. Groovy Situation
6. Backfield In Motion
7. Caught You In The Act
8. I Found That I Was Wrong
9. Mail Call Time
10. Ain’t Love Wonderful

Bonus Tracks

11. Do Right Baby – (mono, reissue only)
12. Never On Time – (mono, reissue only)
13. We’ve Got The Groove To Move You – (mono, reissue only)
14. I’m The One – (mono, reissue only)
15. Put An Extra Plus To Your Love – (mono, reissue only)

Chicago soul duo Mel & Tim were cousins —Mel Hardin and Tim McPherson — who actually hailed from Holly Springs, MS, and made their way to Chicago via St. Louis. They were discovered by Gene Chandler and signed to his Bamboo label in 1969, when they scored a Top Ten pop and R&B single with the good-humored classic “Backfield in Motion”. The follow-up, “Good Guys Only Win in the Movies,” supplied the title for their first album and hit the R&B Top 20 later that year. Mel & Tim subsequently moved to Stax, where they landed a second Top Five R&B smash with the ballad “Starting All Over Again” (also the title track of their second album). Mel & Tim performed at the late-1972 charity concert Wattstax and were featured in the documentary film of the same name, singing “I May Not Be What You Want.” Their self-titled final album appeared in 1973, after which the cousins faded away from the music scene.

“…The harmonies are strong and full of energy, and their trademark high harmony stop/go breaks as satisfying as it gets.” – discoveries

“…The consistency of this album places it one up on some of its competitors…Though many soul albums from this time period were a hit or two surrounded by covers, this is nothing of the sort. Nearly every cut on the original album is a winner…” – Goldmine

“Mel Harden and Tim McPherson have that special gospel touch as they rip into songs with enough power to shame that other super soul act of the times—Sam & Dave.” – Dirty Linen

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