Mandre (Andre Lewis) – 1977 – Mandre

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Funky Groovy People this is for you!!

How can i describe this album?

Space Funk? Astral Jazz Funk? Sinister Funk? Spacey Synth Grooves?

What i say for sure is : the music that has withstood the test of time.

Mandre was a group that Andre Lewis started in 1977 as a continuation of the gospel/soul group “Maxayn” which was named after the lead singer Maxayn Lewis, Andre’s wife. While the Maxayn group had been playing gospel and soul with Maxayn Lewis on lead vocals, the Mandre group was Andre’s project to add electronic elements and also shift the sound toward more spacey funk and disco. Andre also played keyboards for Frank Zappa, Buddy Miles, LaBelle, Earth Wind and Fire, Huey Lewis, Edwin Starr, Charles Wilson and the Gap Band, Sly Stone, Bobby Womack, Johnny Guitar Watson and a handful of others. He was also a tester of Roland products and was one of the first musicians to record with the infamous Roland TR-808 drum machine.


A1 Keep Tryin’ 3:29
A2 Solar Flight (Opus I) 7:57
A3 Interlude 2:45
A4 Third World Calling (Opus II) 6:42
B1 Masked Music Man 3:03
B2 Money (That’s What I Want) 4:15
B3 Wonder What I’d Do 4:35
B4 Dirty Love 4:00
B5 Masked Marauder 3:28



“This album was a fore runner to what we now call Electronica and even Lounge to some extent with just a hint of Funk. He produced three albums but none of the latter equaled this debut album. An extrodinary keyboardist with a interesting voice that somehow complemented his music. Tunes like “Solar Flight” and “Interlude” are still timeless today. A great example of his voice can be found on “Wonder What I’d Do“, a hauntingly classic style RnB tune. It would be great to find this on disc today”.


“When I was an teenager in 1976-77 the radio station aired an artist I never heard of before, the song was called “Solar Flight“, his style of music was just synthesizers, and it was ominous and spiritual to me. I had to run out to get this album, it was a all black cover with just a silver mask on the front of it, and I draw a blank to how the back of it looked, but I never saw who this man was, since then I have manage to lose his album or it was stolen, I am not quite sure what happen to it, but I was unable to replace it and I never forgot him or his music, so if you’re into the use of synthesizers you really need to check out this guy, oh by the way the interlude that concluded that side of the album was just too short for me, because it was awesome. But I will kill…ok almost kill to hear his music again. I am close to getting his music downloaded, but it seems even though someone has heard of him, no one’s actually have it to purchase and that is so frustrating I could”.


…..The first (self-titled) LP came out in 1977 on Motown Records and featured a mixture of Funk, Disco and some more Jazzy elements. It was mostly vocal tracks, including a great cover of Frank Zappa’s “Dirty Love”, but the standout track for me was the instrumental “Solar Flight” with its sweet synth solo’s and a cracking bassline. The cover art (above) is also fantastic, very Daft Punk as somebody pointed out to me. Sought after for the sublime spacey synth grooves of ‘Solar Flight’ and ‘Third World Calling‘…….

I would like to thank Andre Lewis cause he left a comment on our post of the fantastic Maxayn album, (Marlo Henderson the guitar player did the same). For those who still haven’t discover it, please grab it now and read what they say. These comments make this blog very proud. We are huge fans and we respect them for the music we still enjoy!

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Conversation for album: Mandre (Andre Lewis) – 1977 – Mandre

  • robert
    Posted at 09:56h, 09 May 2008 Reply

    Stoked to check out this Mandre record! Thanks!

  • RayRay
    Posted at 05:55h, 03 September 2008 Reply

    GREAT TASTE !!!!

  • CrystalBear
    Posted at 23:11h, 11 January 2009 Reply

    Simply ravishing album. THANX a lot!

  • out2gecha
    Posted at 00:38h, 30 January 2009 Reply

    Been waiting for this lp. Mine copy is just fair condition. Thanks

  • Varon Dandy
    Posted at 04:40h, 19 February 2009 Reply

    Thanks from Spain

  • Mr sam
    Posted at 22:06h, 03 March 2009 Reply

    A very powerful and personal album. Very very good! Only for the cover of Dirty love from Frank Zappa, you should download it. Thousnads of thanks to Nikos as usual.

  • phil panton
    Posted at 15:31h, 02 July 2009 Reply

    I bought these as they came out, and i wore out my first copy of the first album, i never tire of them, they are up their with the finest recordings anywhere, wish i could find them on cd.

  • HollywoodHiFi
    Posted at 05:20h, 12 October 2009 Reply

    I also bought these 3 albums when they came out. I really like the the first 2 – the third is ok. I listen to first 2 often – i’ve copied them to my iPod.

  • The Quixotic
    Posted at 00:16h, 18 November 2009 Reply

    Amazing sound, light years from anything that was made before, I’m a devoted fan of Maxayn and Mandre, forever.

  • Tom
    Posted at 21:39h, 27 July 2010 Reply

    Can’t wait to listen to this; thanks for the info….somebody reissue this!

  • marcus davis
    Posted at 01:55h, 25 May 2011 Reply

    I bought this album when it originally came out back in 1977
    very ahead of its time i loved the use of the synthesizers on this album and the tracks still sound good to this day.I was greatly influenced by this album as i was just getting into being a musician at that time ,i can honestly say that this album molded my outlook when it came to the use of the synthesizers on my compositions, i was also into that image he had with the space concept and the mask very cool.

  • Mark David
    Posted at 06:33h, 07 January 2012 Reply

    I bought this album when it came out in ’77 and still have it. Hadn’t thought about it in years til just recently when I met the bass player for Mandrill. Meeting him jogged my memory because I’ll always remember the radio staion out of New Orleans having to distinguish between the two bands since their names were so similar. Good music in the 70’s and I miss it!!

    • tye gunn
      Posted at 03:00h, 01 August 2012 Reply

      An unsung muscian. the reason i still have a stereo 2 play his albums.

  • Tim
    Posted at 15:40h, 08 September 2012 Reply

    Thank You 4 Great Music

  • Will "Thumpin" Duncan
    Posted at 03:18h, 20 September 2013 Reply

    I bought the Mandre’ first Album in Tokyo and became a fan forever.I was experimenting with music with shipmates in yokohama and found myself covering Third World Calling in a club in Shinjiku.Coulcn’t speak japanese that well but Mandre crossed the lanquage barrier with his space funk.We grooved on Mandre Till the sun came up and I’m glad to have several Albums of his music to share with those that never had a clue.

  • Jeff
    Posted at 02:11h, 30 November 2016 Reply

    I did not know this album

  • MuddFlapp
    Posted at 22:54h, 19 September 2018 Reply

    THis record is for real…ive never been the same since…Ive realized I am not from here…I am from where ever they cut this record….you feel the whole thing. Be prepared. Wear your best sci fi ear goggles.

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