Joe Simon – 1972 – Drowning In The Sea Of Love

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Joe Simon’s Drowning in the Sea of Love is still a classic to me. I still love that title song and its lazy feel in the groove.

Some other surprises I love are the dramatic, bluesy, The Mirror Don’t Lie, the funky Ole Night Owl and the gorgeous Something You Can Do Today. This is really Joe Simon’s best album to me and could rival any of Otis Redding’s albums for the male soul singer title. It is addictive, catchy, musical, and wonderfully performed. Simon sings like he’s lived it in these songs, as if he wrote the songs himself! One of my all-time favourite albums!



1. Drowining In The Sea Of Love
2. Glad To Be Your Lover
3. Something You Can Do Today
4. I Found My Dad
5. The Mirror Don’t Lie
6. Ole Night Owl
7. You Are Everything
8. If
9. Let Me Be The One (The One Who Loves You)
10. Pool Of Bad Luck

In his impressive career, Simon began by crooning honey-touched ballads, went on to help establish the genre of country-soul (and remains one of the few true, great country-soul singers), segued over into R&B, and then saw his career descend too quickly after a groundbreaking (but ill-fated) movement to disco.
“Drowning in the Sea of Love” was Simon’s most cohesive album, though still very eclectic in presentation. The title track was pure Philly sound, an early Gamble-Huff production that paid off with a #3 spot on the Billboard R&B charts.

I Found My Dad” is an interesting deaprture from the rest of the album, and it remains catchy and rousing. “Pool of Bad Luck” continues the quintessential funky groove, and on “If“, Simon’s plaintive baritone soars. However, my personal favorite track is Simon’s cover of the Stylistics’ (smash from the year before) “You Are Everything“. Simon’s version features a dramatically different arrangement, and what you are left with is the song stripped bare, and Simon’s voice, low and contained early on, building to an eruption of longing and passion. The song is imbued with such feeling that I cannot listen to it without getting caught up. And let’s just say I’ve listened to it many, many times…
if you want to hear an solid album by one of the best (and sadly overlooked) R&B singers while at his peak, pick up “Drowning in the Sea of Love”.

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here is another classic album of Joe Simon

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Conversation for album: Joe Simon – 1972 – Drowning In The Sea Of Love

  • robert
    Posted at 09:49h, 07 May 2008 Reply

    Joe Simon is so amazing. Both of these records are tops.

    Thank you!

  • DJ Abe
    Posted at 02:21h, 10 May 2008 Reply

    Thank you…..

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 16:27h, 25 May 2008 Reply

    I got this a while back. It’s great. can’t really get enough of the ‘if’ song. but the quality is not the best.
    anyway I’m going to check out the other album. Thanks and I’m truly impressed by your work.

  • PoL
    Posted at 22:09h, 02 December 2009 Reply

    DOPE !
    thx for it

  • pedro
    Posted at 07:58h, 17 October 2010 Reply

    Great singer sung @ otis funeral nuff said pedro

  • Dave
    Posted at 09:44h, 17 July 2011 Reply

    Joe Simon sure has a good voice & can sing too. I wonder why he didn’t make it big. I guess you can say that about quite a few other artists. Could it be for lack of good promotion?


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