Hunt’s Determination Band ‎– 1977 – This Is Determination Problems

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 An obscure little funky group from Detroit, one with a tight ensemble sound that’s very much in the Earth Wind & Fire mode – complete with a really great horn section, plenty of bass-heavy grooves a the bottom, and a relatively spiritual feel that comes through strongly on the best tracks! There’s a slight jazzy finish to some of the cuts too, a deeper sound that makes Hunt‘s Determination stand out strongly from their contemporaries – even some of the better-known groups of the time. And although indie, there’s a real polish to the whole record – a well-conceived sound that comes off beautifully from start to finish, and which has always made this one a standout for collectors! 

A1 Danceland 3:28
A2 Tonight 7:40
A3 Problems 4:05
B1 Loneliness 4:16
B2 Number One Lady 3:33
B3 I Got My Nut 5:03
B4 Where The Funk Come From 3:22

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 This is an album that many people missed and that’s a shame. For people outside of Flint Michigan, the name Hunt’s Determination Band doesn’t mean anything; but for those of us that are Flintstones and was around back in the mid 70s and early 80s Hunt’s Determination Band kicked. The song “Tonight” was a slow jam that really should have gone national. Before Ready For The World hit it big, they used to open for HDB. Before The Mac Band featuring the McCampbell Brothers, got their hit record “Roses are Red from LA & Babyface, they were in school with the brothers for HDB. Flint Michigan produced some major talent and HDB was major talent. To use a phrase from Grand Funk Railroad; another Great band from Flint, HDB was an American band. These brothers actually played real instruments and could sing. These brothers were performers. I looked for this album for 30 years and now I have it. I can still see Hunts driving around Flint in the big Step Van with their name written on the side, just seeing the van was enough for you to start groovin (Terry L. Williams).

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Flint  Mitchigan . . . Hunt’s Determination has what  is destined to be a hit album, PROBLEMS.  

Hunt’s Determination has captured  the imagination and Disco esteem of the music market with a total album. It has been remotely too long since, we have heard the character soulful Disco sounds created artistry;  egress by  Hunt’s Determination.  

Seven young men: BERNARD BROWN, CHARLES HORNE, JOHNNY BROWN, DANNY REDEEMAR, EDWARD HAYGOOD, CORNIELUS JORDON, JOSEPH WASBINGTON, emerged from the stable of Wonderland Record Corporation, under the guidance of  STACIE B. HUNT  to surface a pinnacle act.

  Hunt’s Determination has maintained a closeness and unity for eight years that constituted the making of an elite act. “It’s an unbelievable experience to watch heard these men work.” P. Boyd  (back cover)


Enjoy their 1978 LP “Get Your Act Together” in our back pages here.


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    Old Skool Baby..This is how we do..hell yeah !!

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Luv this group music needs to be like the 70s the music out now ain’t music not worth listening to

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    you guys are incredible. i keep expecting for y’all to one day run out of jewels but it seems like y’all have a never ending supply!

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    been toooo long since ive heard this

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    Props to old school……

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    Wow, Thank you.

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    After a long stint off the web, I was sure to stop by here before anywhere else. Thanks for all you continued efforts and amazing gems!

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    This music takes me to time i wish i lived…Thanks god people like you make it possible.

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    Nice music collection

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    Nothing like listening to ole school music, brings back memories.

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    those happy times

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    Never heard of this record, thanks for introducing it to me

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    Another artist who is entirely unknown to me. Thank you for broadening my musical horizons and continuing my education.

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    Wow, what a funky band, and as you say, so missed by everyone. Thanks!!

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