Garland Green – 1969 – Jealous Kind Of Fella

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The first time that you listen a song of Garland Green his voice will suprise you, with an amazing quantity of refinements and incredible control of the pauses.  Jealous Kind Of Fella is his most famous hit, but as is often happens with most of the artists, it’s not his best by far.

When you place the record on your turntable and the music starts to play, one of the values of it, is the originality of each of their songs that don’t repeat themselves and are far away from so many songs that seem copy of the soul classics. Jo Armstead understand perfectly the vocal abilities of the artist who produced and gives 12 excellent songs to him, so that Green will shine in almost every cut of the album.

I can not imagine a better way to spend the afternoon exploring each of the songs of this gem. Enjoy it and dance it.

A1 Jealous Kind Of Fella 2:53
Girl I Love You 2:05
Mr. Misery 2:40
All She Did (Was Wave Goodbye At Me) 2:20
I Can’t Believe You Quit Me  2:15
Don’t Think That I’m A Violent Guy 2:48
Ain’t That Good Enough 2:10
Forty Days & Nights 2:04
Love Now, Pay Later 2:40
You Played On A Player 2:10
Angel Baby 2:48

More than six feet tall and muscled, Garland Green could have been an NFL linebacker but chose instead to serenade the ladies with his masculine, aching tenor. This debut album, produced by Joshie Armstead and hubby Mel Collins, is as good as a greatest-hits compilation. It contains his number 20 pop hit “Jealous Kind of Fella,” a song where Green knocks out the competition for his woman then begs — over the telephone — for forgiveness. The answer song “Don’t Think That I’m a Violent Guy” (number 42 pop) follows the same theme. When his woman finally leaves, he bellows “I Can’t Believe You Quit Me” and calls himself “Mr. Misery.” Also enjoyable are “Forty Days and Nights,” “All She Did,” “You Played on a Player,” “Love Now Pay Later,” and “Ain’t That Good Enough” written by Armstead and her former songwriter partners Valerie Simpson and Nicholas Ashford (All Music Guide)

Green was the tenth child of eleven born in his family, and lived in Mississippi until 1958 when he moved to Chicago. While working and attending Englewood High, he sang on weekends, and one day while singing in a pool room, he was overheard by Argia B. Collins, a local owner of a bar-b-que chain. Collins agreed to bankroll Green’s attendance at the Chicago Conservatory of Music, where Green studied voice and piano, and played in local bars and clubs.

In 1967, Green won a local talent show at a club called the Trocadero. His prize was a concert opening for Lou Rawls and Earl Hines at the Sutherland Lounge. In the audience was Mel Collins, and his wife Joshie Jo Armstead, who was a songwriter who had written tunes with Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson prior to the couple joining Motown. The couple arranged for Green to do a recording session in Detroit and released the result as a single on their label, Gamma Records, a song called “Girl I Love You”. It sold well locally and was picked up by MCA subsidiary, Revue Records for national distribution. Revue released three further singles from Green who then moved to MCA’s main label, Uni Records.

In 1969, “Jealous Kind of Fella” became a major national success, reaching #5 in the Billboard R&B chart and #2 in the Cashbox soul chart. Written by Green, R. Browner, M. Dollinson and J. Armstead, the record was released in the U.S. in August 1969. It sold a million copies by March 1971. Uni released an album from Green, but the follow-up single did not sell well and Green eventually left MCA, also parting company with Armstead. He then signed with Atlantic Records subsidiary, Cotillion Records, which released five singles from Garland, but only one proved a real success, “Plain and Simple Girl”. Produced and arranged by Donny Hathaway, this reached the R&B Top 20.

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    Never seen this before. Ace record.

  • hooch
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    Girl, I love you what a tune! – danced to this gem at many a northern soul night – Superb!
    Many thanks guys as always…

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    Thank you for everything you’ve posted on this blog. I’ve found so much great music here from artists I was never aware of. Keep up the good work.

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    Real beauty. I missed that back in the day.

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    Thanks again yall for allowing me to hear some tunes from an artist I was unfamiliar with, KEEP ON!

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    Still takes me back to my childhood and the happiest time of my life. The music was so great and uplifting.

  • Doc
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    First time i see it. Great.

  • Radek
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    Thanks a lot for this one. Green’s voice is really pleasant to listen to.

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    Maaannn, i just wana say thank you, homie! Tanks 4 thiz soul thang, fella! Ride on, dude!

  • Joeboy
    Posted at 12:46h, 28 July 2013 Reply

    Well what can I say about this little gem, that has not already been said. well I will have my say 😀 Paid top dollar for this Lp (£60) We talking GBP here! was Dj Doing various soul venues at the time, one top tune was “Girl I love You” which was released on Revue 45 Single, Yet lp Was on Uni ? (could never figure that one out) 😛 Basically I could’nt get a copy for love nore money, So purchased the LP, What a good buy it was. Every song is a winner, I know at least six tracks was released on singles. So that alone tells you how good the album is, also produced by none other than Josie Jo Armstead.
    I later discovered “Girl I love You” was originally sung by
    Shelly Fisher, That two is a great version, well worth a listen 😀

  • luke
    Posted at 15:28h, 10 August 2013 Reply

    NICE! I have the 45 with “I can’t believe you quit me” but still on the search for the full LP…thanks for sharing.

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