Eddie Kendricks – 1972 – People …Hold On

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Surely one of the most impressive albums to come out of Motown during early 70’s was “People – Hold On”, only the second album from Mr. Eddie Kendricks since his split from The Temptations some three years ago.
He is noted for his distinctive falsetto singing style and was one of the lead singers of the Motown singing group The Temptations during the 1960s and early 1970s.

Simply amazing album.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of my original Motown record with covers.


A1 If You Let Me (3:10)
A2 Let Me Run Into Your Lonely Heart (2:59)
A3 Day By Day (3:07)
A4 Girl You Need A Change Of Mind (7:30)
A5 Someday We’ll Have A Better World (3:35)
B1 My People… Hold On (5:40)
B2 Date With The Rain (2:42)
B3 Eddie’s Love (3:20)
B4 I’m On The Sideline (2:56)
B5 Just Memories (5:50)


If you were ever to buy an Eddie Kendricks album, THIS would be the one to get. It’s by far his greatest work. There’s some easy going Soul numbers like If You Let Me, Day By Day, Eddie’s Love, I’m On The Sideline with their catchy, sing along lyrics. Those compare with the more upbeat Let Me Run Into Your Lonely Heart with its funky guitar line that has a strong Sly Stone influence to it. Of course, the most well known track might be the expansive Girl You Need A Change Of Mind that has lyrics for the first half, and then just turns into a jam session. I always thought the lyrics were really interesting as well because it seems to be a reply to the Feminist movement that they shouldn’t overlook racism and civil rights and not discriminate against all men. He even gets a little experimental with the heavy percussion and group chorus of My People … Hold On that’s tempered by Kendricks’ sweet singing. He finishes off with Just Memories with its dramatic horn intro before going into a ballad. In the fact the remaining tunes, Someday We’ll Have A Better World and Date With The Rain are also good making this an excellent record from beginning to end.

For his second outing People … Hold On (1972), former Temptations leader Eddie Kendricks expanded his horizons, dabbling with communally conscious soul and making initial forays into dance music that would predate disco. As he had done for Kendricks solo debut All By Myself (1971), producer Frank Wilson contributes several tunes. Among them is “If You Let Me” that kicks off the disc with a bright groove, custom made for the vocalists’ sanguine lead. Things get downright funky on the sanctified “Let Me Run Into Your Lonely Heart“. The mercurial beat is bathed in distortion and wah-wah guitar that trades back and forth with a syncopated clavinet. All the while, Kendricks shows off his range-free tenor as he effortlessly vacillates in and out of his trademark overdrive falsetto. The sacred influence of “Day By Day” is underscored by some stellar keyboard with organ and piano runs that could just as easily have been heard in a Sunday morning prayer meeting.

The nearly eight-minute “Girl You Need A Change Of Mind” is nothing short of an epic precursor to the extended four-on-the-floor numbers that would soon be christened as ‘disco’. In addition to providing an above average R&B groove, Kendricks’ new band — the Washington D.C.-based Young Senators — are joined by the unmistakable touch of Eddie “Bongo” Brown’s rhythmically limber congas. The record buying and radio listening public obviously agreed as the song was edited and issued on a 45 rpm that made it to the Top 15 R&B Singles survey.
Returning to the project’s thematic motif “Someday We’ll Have A Better World” is a mid-tempo optimistic number with a plea for a more peaceful co-existence. The project’s title composition “My People … Hold On” is stunning on a completely different level as the artist reconnects with his musical heritage with a languid and methodical bed over which Kendricks raps, practically begging for sanity within the socially troubled African American community.

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  • robert
    Posted at 18:29h, 03 May 2008 Reply

    oh man, i love the first tune on this record! never knew what it was before. thanks for sharing!

  • johnv
    Posted at 23:44h, 03 May 2008 Reply

    Hi Nikos!

    Love this blog already!!! I look forward to checking it out often. Congratulations.

  • jerome green
    Posted at 00:19h, 03 June 2008 Reply

    Hi Nikos,

    Great reviews. I guess most people know about ‘Girl You Need…” being perhaps the first “real” extended club/party record. Obviously, there were records used for decades previously at parties, however, the structure of this song was essentially a blueprint for lengthier 12″ versions of songs later in the 70s. The key as a DJ was to keep the floor moving; do not release the dancers, therefore the dancers will get their “release” on the floor.

    Thanks for the Eddie; very beautiful groovin’ music.

    Peace, Jerome

  • Swarthy_Barbarism
    Posted at 20:54h, 08 June 2008 Reply

    fantastic blog!!!

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    cheers mate my all time fav disco choon thanks for sharing top blog

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    the kind of record that im happy to play in the morn…thanks dude…for all those gems and ur work

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    Thanks for this funky little gem!!! Peace

  • Racket
    Posted at 04:12h, 07 January 2009 Reply

    great respect 4 the author

  • DiskoTone
    Posted at 03:14h, 16 February 2009 Reply

    Girl you need a change of mind, and date with the rain. Great Tunes and great post! Thanks

  • GT3K
    Posted at 00:43h, 07 March 2009 Reply

    Much Appreciation!

  • archetyp
    Posted at 18:34h, 08 April 2009 Reply

    just want to say thanks for the great blog. i really enjoy reading about some of the music you post. made me realize how much i don’t know about this music :). much respect from nyc!

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