Alton McClain & Destiny – 1978 – Alton McClain & Destiny (It Must Be Love)

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Alton McClain & Destiny 1978 front

 Rip and Research by Mr.Moo

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 Sweet late 70s modern soul from Alton McClain & Destiny – a great little female vocal trio with a sound that ranges from lightly funky to soaringly soulful! The group kind of follow in a tradition started by Honeycone and First Choice, and improved upon by The Emotions – and like that latter group, the girls move from the easier disco tracks that you’d normally expect, into a range of soulful styles that all come off equally well with their vocal technique. Webster Lewis handled some of the sweeping string arrangements – and players include Wah Wah Watson on guitar and Lee Ritenour on keys.

A1 Crazy Love 6:57
A2 Sweet Temptation 5:57
A3 Taking My Love For Granted 3:19
A4 My Empty Room 3:54
B1 The Power Of Love 4:33
B2 Push And Pull 5:24
B3 It Must Be Love 4:42
B4 God Said, “Love Ye One Another” 4:34

Alton McClain & Destiny 1978 back

 Heavily influenced by the Emotions, Alton McClain & Destiny was a female R&B vocal trio that was active in the late ’70s and early ’80s. The Los Angeles-based group was formed in 1978 when lead singer McClain (whose voice had a Deniece Williams-like quality) joined forces with backup singers D’Marie Warren and Robyrda Stiger. That year, they signed with Polydor, which hired Frank E. Wilson to produce their debut album. First released in early 1979, the trio’s debut album was originally titled Alton McClain & Destiny but was re-released as It Must Be Love a few months later. “It Must Be Love” was also the title of the threesome’s debut single, which reached the Top Ten on Billboard’s R&B singles chart. Regrettably, the group turned out to be a one-hit wonder, and their 1980 sophomore effort,” More of You“, (which Wilson produced with John Footman) received very little attention. Alton McClain & Destiny’s 3rd and last album was “Gonna Tell The World“. The trio was dropped by Polydor/PolyGram in 1981. After the breakup, McClain went on to marry producer Skip Scarborough. Alton McClain & Destiny should not be confused with the late ’80s heavy metal band Destiny, the lesbian/women’s music trio Destiny or the ’90s rapper Destiny. Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

Alton McClain & Destiny front (It Must Be Love 1979)Alton McClain & Destiny back(It Must Be Love (1979)

1979 Polydor reissue as ” It Must Be Love”

The self-titled debut of Alton McClain & Destiny was produced by Motown alumnus Frank Wilson (Eddie Kendricks, the Supremes, whom this female trio sounds like at times) and included the 1979 Top Ten R&B/Top Forty pop hit “It Must Be Love.” It sounded very similar to the Emotions’ “The Best of My Love“. The LP also has the distinction of listing the original version of the Angela Winbush/Rene Moore ballad “I’ve Learned to Respect the Power of Love“. The tune was later a 1986 number one hit for Stephanie Mills. Other highlights are the follow-up single “Crazy Love,” the floating “Taking My Love for Granted“, “My Empty Room“, “Push and Pull“, and “God Said, Love Ye One Another“. “It Must Be Love” can be found on Disco Nights, Vol.7 :DJ Pix. Alton McClain & Destiny’s version of “I’ve Learned to Respect the Power of Love” is on Polygram’s Power of Love: Best of Soul Essentials Ballads. Ed Hogan, All Music Guide

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    I remember – I’ve Learned to Respect the Power of Love – from Angela Winbush. So this is the original version. Great song.

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