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Wilson Pickett ‎- 1971- Don’t Knock My Love

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Wilson Pickett ‎Don't Knock My Love

Wilson Pickett’s “Don’t Knock My Love”, his last recording for Atlantic. Not only is this album one of “the wicked’s” best, it’s also not one of your ordinary soul sessions. The songs roll continuously with different instrumentations, synthesizers, background singers, to the intros with each song, a unique approach from the gritty soul singer. The songs are strong, Pickett’s voice is right on cue, the studio band is cuttin’ the notes. Listen for, “Hot Love” and “Mama Told Me Not To Come“.

DON’T KNOCK MY LOVE was out of print, Collector’s Choice recently released this rare recording in 2009. There is a few liner notes, the audio could’ve been louder, turn it up, it’s a good one, recorded at the famous Muscle Schoals studio.

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People usually focus on his output from the 1960s, when he was a hitmaking machine, but this album provides ample proof that Wilson Pickett was still kickin’ it and making vital music in the 70s too. As you would expect from Mr. Pickett, the material is very soulful, with that familiar spunky, funky edge to it. The downside is that this is a short album, but there is lots to like on here, such as a very cool cover of Free’s “Fire and Water” plus a fiery version of “Mama Told me Not to Come“.

If you enjoyed Pickett’s material in the past, especially the “Pickett in Philadelphia” album (also from the 70s), this one should please you too.