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The Three Degrees ‎– 1975 – Take Good Care Of Yourself

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The Three Degrees ‎– Take Good Care Of Yourself front

The Three Degrees were to the smooth, sophisticated Seventies what The Supremes were to the hot and heady Sixties. Both talented and beautiful, the Philadelphian Trio of Fayette Pinkney, Valerie Holiday and Sheila Ferguson truly were one of the most International Acts of the Era, achieving hit records and sell-out concerts all over the World. Finally, after 35 years in the waiting, the aptly titled “International” album makes it’s appearance in all it’s glory. At last, thanks to Big Break Records, we not only have the UK and European release here, but are treated to the long-awaited foreign language songs that were previously only released in the Far East. On ballads, the Girls excel on “Another Heartache“, “Here I Am” and the stunning “Lonelier Are Fools” whereas on up-tempo numbers such as “Take Good Care Of Yourself” and “Get Your Love Back” they swoop and soar like heavenly angels of song, their vocals and harmonies a perfect fit for the rich and lush orchestrations of M.F.S.B. “La Chanson Populaire” and “Somos Novios‘”, often included in their stage act at the time are welcome inclusions, the funky Nigai Namida” truly shows their versatility and the Japanese version of “When Will I See You Again” is a pure joy. The sound quality of the entire album is sheer perfection and has been remastered so well that one would think it had been recorded only this year and not back in 1974 and 1975.

The Three Degrees ‎– Take Good Care Of Yourself back

Visually, this album is equally as stunning with beautiful pictures of the Ladies from that time and also extensive liner notes. When it comes to reissuing classic albums, Big Break Records are a cut above the rest. Nothing is left to chance as there is no replacement for hardwork and a love for what is being done. You can FEEL that love right here. “Take Good Care Of Yourself” – get a copy of “The Three Degrees International” and find out for yourself. Get into some of this Super Soul!!