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The Stylistics – 1975 – Thank You Baby

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the stylistics thank you baby front

“Thank you Baby”, 1975, from the Hugo & Luigi times is hardly remembered in that numberless and impersonal collections. “Sing Baby Sing“, “I’d rather be hurt by you” and “Can’t Give You Anything” you, maybe, will find around, but, quite sure, you’ll will not find “What Goes Around…“, the sweet “Tears and Souvenirs” (typical Stylistic’s style), “A Honky Tonk Cafe” and the touching Russel’s performance for “I’m gonna win“. Here we have too, “Stay“, dueto of Russel and Airrion Love and “Disco Baby“, groping, searching for the sound that would become a “fever” years after: the disco-music. For whom that appreciate this music style, it is a record to hear from the beginning to the end.

Stylistics in their best moments!

the stylistics thank you baby back

Maybe one of the last early “classic” albums from The Stylistics – a record that still preserves the fragile harmonies of their best work at moments, and avoids most of the pitfalls of their late 70s mis-steps! Van McCoy handled arrangements here – and he’s mostly in a mode that draws from his best crossover soul work of the early 70s – and less of his growing disco fame of the time.

And while there’s certainly a few attempts at club on the record, the best cuts are the mellowest ones – some great harmony numbers that still echo with the sound of the group we first fell in love with.