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The Heartstoppers – 1971 – The Heartstoppers

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The Heartstoppers front cover

A mega rare Soul album from the Heartstoppers. This seductive album released in 1971 and have long since disappeared into the annuls of Northern Soul folklore.

This album is packed with awesome uptempo northern soul dancers and sweet soul ballads. Incredible stuff throughout.

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The Heartstoppers were a New Jersey foursome – Betty Baker, Tina Lee and sisters Joyce and Geraldine Curry – and released one self-titled album and a handful of singles for Joe and Sylvia Robinson’s record empire the famous All Platinum Records.

The Heartstoppers back cover

The name means what it implies. The foursome composed of Betty Baker, Tina Lee,  Joyce and Geraldine Curry (sisters) have united themselves into a unit that well deserves the description HEARTSTOPPING. 

All hail from Newark, New Jersey, and any lovers from “N” can testify that there are enough “HEARTSTOPPERS” there – male or female – to go around!

The language spoken in this LP is the language of lovers. The language of the sisters who know what the real deal is, especially when it concerns her man.

In the recording business no artist could expect hit records without have a hip producer. GERY HARRIS and TOBY HENRY got it together, got on the case, and all the tunes have heavy meaning, but pay special attention to “LOST WITH OUT YOU” and “THE ICE IS MELTING“.

Each girl does a part in the background and each one takes a lead, in running down a game on life that will blow your mind. 

As it is weren’t enough, it’s on ALL PLATINUM RECORDS, which in music means “ALL GOLD”. You’ve got the picture – now get the message – and turn on with “THE HEARTSTOPPERS”!

(From the back cover “Gary Byrd” Radio WWRL New York)