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T-Connection – 1977 – Magic

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T-Connection Magic front

In the late 1970s, T-Connection was one of those bands that had one foot in funk and the other in disco. The Miami residents weren’t nearly as gritty as Parliament/Funkadelic or Cameo, but they had more grit and toughness than glossy Euro-disco acts like Silver Convention, Love & Kisses, and the Munich Machine. T-Connection’s albums were uneven, but the band could be exciting when it came up with the right groove. Released in 1977, their first American album, Magic, isn’t perfect but has more plusses than minuses. The vinyl LP gets off to an impressive start with “Do What Ya Wanna Do” the infectious disco-funk anthem that T-Connection is best remembered for. And the band keeps side one’s creative momentum going with the glossy instrumental “Disco Magic” (a favorite in dance clubs) and the exuberant, Caribbean-flavored “Go Back Home” (which reflects leader T. Coakley’s Bahamian background). Side two, meanwhile, isn’t quite as consistent but has some noteworthy tracks, including “Got to See My Lady” (another club hit) and the sociopolitical “Crazy Mixed Up World“, which was a departure from the escapist get-down-and-party vibe that T-Connection was known for. All things considered, Magic is among the band’s more memorable releases.

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T-Connections’ debut album “Magic” was released in 1977 at the height of the Disco craze. The album is well known due to the one two punch of its two major Pop, R&B and Disco hits, “Do What You Wanna Do” and “Disco Magic”. However, the band’s solid debut has so much more to offer then just Dance music. “Got To See My Lady”, a killer Disco groove, could have been an across the board smash had it been released and promoted as a single. “Go Back Home” and “Peace Line” are both killer grooves perfect for the dance floor as well. T-Connection was a self contained band who had a lot more to offer then Disco. The guys could funk. Just listen to “Crazy Mixed Up World”. Raw, fun and hard hitting funk, and the lyrics are as relevant today as they were 36 years ago when first released. And the band can slow down the pace and crank out a ballad. “Mother’s Love” and “Monday Morning” are both beautiful R&B ballads that should have become Quiet Storm classics.

A treasure for any Disco/R&B lover and collector.