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Smokey Robinson ‎– 1977 – Deep In My Soul

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SMOKEY ROBINSON Deep In MySoul front

Deep in My Soul is an unusual Smokey Robinson LP in that he only contributed one song, “Vitamin U,” a forgettable attempt at disco, though an amusing play on words.

Kathy Wakefield and Mike & Brenda Sutton’s “There Will Come a Day” uses a similar piano opening to “You Really Got a Hold on Me“; while pleasant, it is far less riveting than the Miracles’ classic.

The standouts are the tingling “In My Corner” and two Donald Baldwin/Jeffrey Bowen tunes, “If You Want My Love” and “You Cannot Laugh Alone“.

For years, the latter cut alone made this an essential Smokey Robinson LP. 


You couldn’t find it anywhere else, not even on a 45; Motown has since released it on Smokey’s Motown Legends collection. The lyrically clever song has a great chorus with Smokey crooning “Your love was crackerjack/A surprise in every pack/A myth a fantasy/A package C.O.D.” Deep in My Soul” only had seven songs, and surprisingly climbed to number 47 on the pop charts, a far better showing than his debut, which peaked at number 70  (AllMusic Review by Andrew Hamilton)

Thank you Kosta for the vinyl rip. 

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