Richard Paradise ‎- 197? – In Paradise

Monster rare Modern Soul on Solid Gold

Another rarity, a superb Soul Funk LP, a sought after piece by collectors

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A killer selecta soul boogie disco funk with hidden treasures, featuring the amazing full length version of the ‘Patterson twins’ c/u Let me stay and a fantastic version of Eddie Billups’ “Try Something New“.

A1 Why Baby 7:14
A2 Sunset Breezing In Paradise 5:21
A3 Try Something New 3:45
B1 Let Me Stay 6:14
B2 Can You Dance Girl 4:00

From the back cover

In paradise with Richard Paradise is truly an album that appeals to every age group..Saying, for and to the listener, the many things the heart is sometimes too proud,  foolish or heart broken to express, only with the refined talents of Richard Paradise could such be iminated  through songs and explisit music, setting the tone for such a revitilizing emphasis of one’s own imagination of true feelings and emotional love.

This album truly sets the stage of imagination, in truth,  fantasy and love, escalting the listener to the hate of pure contentment in the garden of paradise, wherever the listener wants to be. ..from Why Baby to Can You Dance Girl …this is only the beginning, and if the beginning is this fantastic..”Sweetheart” think of what the End will be like. .for all good things must come to an end.

ED OWENS, producer and president SGR inc.