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Mike Lundy – 1980 – The Rhythm Of Life

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mike lundy front lp

Mike Lundy was part of the fecund soul and funk scene that graced Hawaii in the late 70s and early 80s, though with little or no promotion, his few releases sank without trace, long forgotten until music writer Roger Bong began unearthing them on his popular Aloha Got Soul blog. 

1980’s The Rhythm Of Life was his sole LP, and, as the inaugural album reissue on Bong’s fledgling Aloha Got Soul imprint, serves as a fine advert for this particular vintage of Hawaiian soul. With a voice veering frequently into falsetto, his music took cues from the likes of Earth, Wind And Fire and Tower Of Power to produce a tightly-coiled brand of white boy funk, exemplified on the likes of So Sassy, The Rhythm Of Life and Nothing Like Dat Funky Funky Music. Tropic Lightning expands the sound further to add Beach Boys-esque vocal harmonising, to create a beautiful slice of sunshine soul while there’s a classy duet with Lemuria’s Merri Lake on Round And Round to add yet another layer to an album of genuine depth and soul. 

mike lundy back lp

Hawaiian Soul holy grail reissued! Mike Lundy’s lone 1980 album, The Rhythm Of Life’ is one of those albums that should have been much larger than it was and as the story usually too often goes, it just didn’t. The modern soul recording seems oddly out of place coming from Hawaii, but Lundy was clearly onto something when writing the album in 1979. Sounding somewhere between Midwest funk private presses and Henry Stone’s Miami soul, the album is breezy and honest throughout.

Rhythm Of Life marks the blog turned record label Aloha Got Soul’s introduction in the LP market. While the rest of the world is now seeking out these and other soulful tunes from Hawaii, we give thanks to natives Aloha Got Soul for reissuing this masterpiece.