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Lowrell – 1979 – Lowrell

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Lowrell Simon aka Lowrell was a member of Chicago soul group the Lost Generation and also had an ’80s hit with “Mellow Mellow Right On“, which has been the source for numerous raps and samples, most notably Massive Attack‘s “Lately,” Markie Dee, and Chicago rapper Common.

His solo debut Lowrell (released fall 1979) boasted a production roster of the Chi-Lites’ Eugene Record, Bruce Hawes, arranger Thomas “Tom Tom 84” Washington, and the cream of local musical talent.

The single, “Mellow Mellow Right On“, went to number 32 R&B in fall 1979. Other tracks from the LP that garnered attention were the first single, “Overdose “, “You’re Playing Dirty” (originally the flip of “Mellow…”) and “Smooth and Wild“.

A1 Out Of Breath 6:45
A2 You’re Playing Dirty 4:40
A3 Overdose 7:47
B1 Mellow Mellow Right On (Vocal / Instrumental) 10:45
B2 Smooth And Wild 5:25

By Alex Litvak

Lowrell’s self titled debut album was released in 1979 and it’s a perfect combination of slick sophisticated Disco and R&B. The year was after all 1979 and Disco still ruled the planet and the music industry. This is a fine release by Lowrell, who proves him self to be a great singer and this album, which only has 5 songs, has no filler. The major story here is the single “Mellow Mellow Right On”, a stunning mid-tempo Disco track that should have become a masterpiece but suffered as a result of bad timing and lack of promotion from the record label. Lowrell’s voice works perfectly in this setting as “Mellow Mellow Right On” takes you on a 7 minute excursion into ecstasy. The song has since its initial release became somewhat of a cult classic and a staple on Quiet Storm stations.

Mellow Mellow Right On” does not tell the whole story as the remainder of the album delivers. “Overdose” is smooth R&B funk at its best. “Out Of Breath” and “You’re Playing Dirty” are Disco/R&B that are great to listen to and to dance to. “Smooth And Wild” is the album’s stunning closer, a sexy slow R&B song that had HIT written all over it, had it been give a chance.

How great it is to see this obscure lost gem finally making its long awaited debut on CD(2013), even if only for a limited release and on Japanese label. If you can get your hands on this much sought after crate diggers treasure, pick it up.

You will not be disappointed.


Simon Lowrell  Biography

As mentioned above  Lowrell Simon aka Lowrell was a member of Chicago soul group the Lost Generation. Enjoy their albums in our back pages here or click on the front covers