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The Free Movement – 1972 – I’ve Found Someone of My Own

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The six-member group Free Movement hit in 1971 with “I’ve Found Someone of My Own“, a Top Five pop/Top 20 R&B hit on Decca Records. The group’s sound was similar to the 5th Dimension. Godoy Colbert (the Pilgrim Travelers, the Pharaohs), Josephine Brown (the Five Bells of Joy), Cheryl Conley, Jennifer Gates, and brothers Adrian and Claude Jefferson met in Los Angeles and began recording demos. Decca issued the single “I’ve Found Someone of My Own,” which made it to number 20 R&B and number five pop on Billboard’s charts in the spring of 1971.

By then, the group had signed to Columbia Records. I’ve Found Someone of My Own was the title of their Columbia LP, released in January 1972. “The Harder I Try (The Bluer I Get)” b/w “Comin’ Home” was the follow-up single peaking at number 49 R&B, number 50 pop in early 1972. Another single was a cover of Stephen Stills’ “Love the One You’re With“. The group never charted after the second single.

A1 I’ve Found Someone of My Own 3:44
A2 Land Where I Live 2:56
A3 Son of the Zulu King 5:04
A4 If Only You Believe 2:47
A5 Love the One You’re With 3:45
B1 The Harder I Try (The Bluer I Get) 3:26
B2 Coming Home 2:58
B3 I Know I Could Love You Better (The Second Time Around) 3:21
B4 Your Love Has Grown Cold 2:55
B5 Could You Believe in a Dream 4:16
B6 Where Do We Go From Here 3:41

In the summer 1971, the Free Movement’s mature, soulful ballad, “I’ve Found Someone of My Own,” hit #5 on the pop chart. (It only reached #20 R&B.) For some odd reason, the identically titled LP did not materialize until the following year. By then, the momentum was gone and so was the group’s brief career.

I really like their take on Stephen Stills’ “Love the One You’re With” which they performed with a gospel-like zeal. The most unusual number, “Son of the Zulu King“, could have inspired the Eagles’ “Witchy Woman.” The weakest song, “Land Where I Live” sounds like a Peter, Paul & Mary retread.

The other tracks are clearly modeled on the pop-soul of the 5th Dimension, but the Free Movement ratchets up the soul factor. That might explain why they never transcended one-hit wonder status. It also didn’t help that while these 12 tracks are all good, there’s nothing unique or spectacular about them. They sound very much like not only what the 5th Dimension was doing, but the Friends of Distinction as well.

If you love classic soul, I’VE FOUND SOMEONE OF MY OWN makes for enjoyable listening. Just don’t expect it to blow you away.