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Flavor – 1977 ‎– In Good Taste

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Flavor – In Good Taste

Flavor was Stanton Scott Sheppard (Stan), Chauncey Matthews, and Fred Brown Jr. Sheppard is the son of producer/writer/singer/record label owner Bill Bunky Sheppard. When the group’s first release “Don’t Freeze Up” (written by Sheppard and Ron Rancifer) started making a little noise, Bunky cut a deal with Ju-Par Records in Detroit, which was being distributed by Motown Records, to give it some clout. Ju-Par reissued the single in February 1977 and followed with an album entitled “In Good Taste” three months later. No other track from the album was ever issued. Then the group changed their name to Livin’ Proof . Still on Ju-Par, but not distributed by Motown, the same lineup released a Vernon Bullocktune and production entitled “You and I” in December 1977.

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The self-titled Livin’ Proof album came out in 1978, shadowed by a final single “Move Your Body“, composed by Bullock and Sheppard. But Ju-Par ran into all kind of problems and dissolved, causing Livin’ Proof to dissipate like Flavor before it. None of their product really caught on, despite a print media blitz, and the end was inevitable. Sheppard hooked up with the Rice Twins (Steven & Sterling) to form Triple S Connection in 1979 and two years later began his longest group association as a member of Skool Boyz who recorded for Destiny Records, Crossroad Entertainment Corp., and Columbia Records.