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Clydene Jackson ‎– 1975 – Fresh

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clydene jackson

 Clydene Jackson is an accomplished performer, musician, vocalist, songwriter, and arranger. Her voice can be heard on numerous platinum recordings by celebrated artists, including Rod Stewart, Barbra Streisand, Michael McDonald, Patti LaBelle, and many others. Her vocal style and enormous talent crosses all musical genres.

           Clydene is well known in the music industry as a First-call session singer, twice recognized with the MVP Female Vocalist Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS). Her songs have been recorded by Natalie Cole and Barbara Mandrell. She co-wrote the theme for ABC-TV’s hit show, Homeroom and her voice can be heard on numerous national commercials and prime-time network television shows, as well as top grossing films: Avatar, The Lion King, Men In Black 3, The Ides Of March, Happy Feet, and The Lorax.

clydene jackson - 1975 - fresh back

            Early in her career, Clydene’s debut album, Fresh produced by the legendary Ray Charles, gave her the opportunity to express her talents as both a singer and songwriter, and was the beginning of countless hours spent in the recording studio as a singer and keyboardist. Her latest CD, Sparrow is a beautiful collection of sacred songs. Over the years it has been mostly in her group, GRAVITY 180, where she has found an outlet for her performing and songwriting. There along with group members Harold Payne, guitar/vocals, and Oliver C. Brown, percussionist, she continues to expand her talents.