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Beginning Of The End – 1976 – Beginning Of The End

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Beginning Of The End front

One of the rarest funky records of all time – the hard-to-find second album by Beginning Of The End! This West Indian combo hit it big with their first album on Alston, but this second set, for some strange reason, never really got distributed – which is a damn shame, because it’s every bit as funky as their first! The uniquely choppy rhythms of the group’s first album are every bit as great here as on the first set – and if anything, the band’s instrumentation is even better, especially on the guitar, which is wickedly tight, and played with a super-dope flanged-out approach on the solos. Vocals are great too, maybe even more soulful than before, especially on the album’s few midtempo cuts – and the album’s a must-have for any fan of the group’s funky sound!

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Formed in 1969 in Nassau in the Bahama’s, this four piece group were complimented by the Funky Nassau Horns. This section comprised of: Neville Sampson, Vernon Mueller, Kenneth Lane and two other relatives, Ralph Munnings and Freddie Munnings.

Managed by Don Taylor (who also managed T-Connection and Bob Marley), the group hooked up with Freddie Munnings Sr. (who, at the time, owned and ran ‘The Cat & Fiddle Nightclub’).

The group performed live in 1971 at the University of Miami, following an invitation from the Bahamian students studying at the University.

Produced by the legendary Steve Alaimo, the group scored a dancefloor hit in 1971 with the tune ‘Funky Nassau Pt. 1’. An album of the same title was released, on Alston Records, during the same year, a nine track set that featured Part Two of the single and ‘Monkey Tamarind’.

While it may not seem as instantly-grippable as their prior Funky Nassau record, Beginning Of The End’s rare second album from 1976 remains truly mind-affirming on soulful cuts like “Super Woman,” “I’ve Got The News,” “Jump In The Water,” “Falling Apart At The Seams” and “Trip To Nowhere.” And yes, that is former Miss Bahamas (1972) model Cyprianna Munnings-McQueeney on the cover.