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Barry White ‎– 1974 – Can’t Get Enough

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Barry’s first two albums would’ve made his name had they been all he recorded. But that turned out to only be the beginning as White decided to really mix things up for his third time out. This is roughly around the time he launched Love Unlimited Orchestra who began recording spinoff albums often in tandem with his own. On the title song and “You’re The First,My Last My Everything” Barry recorded the two most uptempo tracks he ever recorded and both cuts,right along with Philly’s Gamble & Huff and Thom Bell were early echoes of the dancable,orchestrated funk sound that would become THE thing during the upcoming disco era. These songs are also under five minutes,two of the shorter tunes Barry had done and rely heavy on pop hooks and song structure and neither lost any of his signiture sound along the way. Even though he’s known more as a singer and arranger these songs in particular his unique way with th harpsicord, an instrument that would become a new signiture for many of his mid 70’s hit records.

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I Can’t Believe You Love Me” is a ten minute funk seduction symphony and really the only song here that takes a cue from the technique of his two first albums. On “Oh Love,Well We Finally Made It” and “I Love You More Than Anything In This World Girl” both go for kind of pocket symphonies:songs that both have a cinamatic soul flavor but more brief in lengh. I heard a review once on this album that while four minutes in terms of seduction may be long enough in reality it should last longer on record. Either way it doesn’t matter. On this album Barry has a way of making his music slinky, funky and seductive even at shorter lenghs. The album is bordered by two brief orchestral instrumentals “Mellow Mood” parts 1 & 2.

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By bookending the album in this way he kind of gave the album the flavor of a long suite even though it consists largely of shorter songs. This set the tone for what Barry would do in the studio for the next few years and stands as both one of his strongest and popular albums.