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A Taste Of Honey – 1978 – A Taste Of Honey

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A Taste of Honey - A Taste of Honey

Probably the most successful album the Mizell Brothers ever produced, and a fine set of uptempo groovers from this female soul duet! There’s some nice jazzy moments underneath the catchy lyrics, and in a way, the album’s style is sort of a blueprint for the sound that would emerge over the next few at Capitol Records, where some incredible albums of modern soul would be recorded. And sure, at one level the group’s hit “Boogie Oogie Oogie” is a bit of throwaway pop disco – but there’s plenty of other great moments that show the group as a more sophisticated soul outfit, including “This Love Of Ours”, “Sky High”, and “If We Loved”.

A Taste Of Honey back

When A Taste of Honey hit the streets and especially the clubs in 1978, this was hot property. Boogie Oogie Oogie played in the discos all over the world. But the album proved that these two girls had a lot more music to offer. First of all, the producers were Fonce & Larry Mizell. Those who are well-versed in Jazz/Funk productions from the seventies know that this means. In the case of this debut album, it means that not one song is shit. It also means, no Jazz this time but good Soul/Funk, with an occasional dash of Disco. Wade Marcus took care of the string arrangements. And really, this album reminds me of Creative Source. Last not least, those two girls are good singers, musicians and songwriters.
The album brings back fond memories. That was the time when clubbing and getting high was an essential part of my life…

Distant; World Spin; If We Loved; Sky High and the Disco classic Boogie Oogie Oogie.