06 Nov 2013
MFSB – 1973 – Love Is The Message

This all-time classic album can (in many ways) be seen as the point from which such disparate and different genres as Disco, Quiet Storm and Smooth Jazz sprang up. While the eternally popular “Love Is The Message” and “T.S.O. P. (The Sound of Philadelphia)” were...
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28 Apr 2019
Jean Carn – 1978 – Happy To Be With You

The songwriting, production, arrangements, and music are perfectly matched to Jean Carn’s passionate singing. Gamble/Huff put the right amount of restraint on the superb musical backing of MFSB so that Ms. Carn’s vocalization is at the forefront. Her interpretation of each song is so believable,...
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12 Jun 2015
Jean Carn – 1976 – Jean Carn

Jean Carn’s self-titled debut for Gamble & Huff’s Philadelphia International Records could be subtitled “Philly soul at its best.” Released during the era of emerging sophisticated soul-formatted FM radio stations, Jean Carn provided perfectly suited singles, the wise R&B hit “Free Love” and format-friendly, radio-aired...
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