05 Sep 2017
Manchild – 1977 – Power And Love

A self-contained septet that included Kenneth Edmonds, before he was crowned with the nickname Babyface, and his close friend and collaborator Daryl Simmons. The group’s sound touched on several formats. The uptempo numbers, like “Red Hot Daddy,” “Power and Love,” and “Funky Situation,” are heavily rock-oriented....
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04 Apr 2016
Ofege – 1972 – Try And Love

The ultimate in West African psychedelic funk. The first of their kind, Ofege was a band of college students from St. Gregory’s College, in Lagos, Nigeria. I read somewhere that they were “influenced by Nigerian bands BLO, The Funkees and the Black Company as well...
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27 Jun 2018
Light Of The World – 1979 – Light Of The World

U.K. funk band Light of the World has the distinctions of having a tight head shot of a pre-stardom Sade on their self-titled debut LP cover and having guitarist Jean Paul “Bluey” Maunick as a band member. Maunick went on to lead ’90s funk-jazz band Incognito. A nicely languid debut for...
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19 Sep 2017
Janice Barnett – 1975 – Janice

A superior soul album, produced by ex-Moonglow and Motown writer-Producer Harvey Fuqua for Fantasy Records in 1975. The vocal similarities between former beauty queen Janice Barnett Saddler and her contemporary Gladys Knight have long endeared her to all fans of quality 70s soul. On its...
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02 Apr 2014
Exit 9 – 1975 – Straight Up

A very essential issue A top killer funk groove and hard to find on original vinyl. Prime New York City funk from 1975. A strong album that matches the major forces in Funk at that time (Kool & The Gang, Fatback Band, Parliament, Ohio Players)...
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