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FunkMySoul’s only purpose is to spread Soul, Funk, R’& ‘B, Jazz/Funk, Soul/Jazz and related from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, almost exclusively from the original vinyl.

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Our vision is to create a collection of the most important artists and albums of these genres, a musical encyclopaedia if you will.

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We hope that this passion can unify us all in our utmost respect for the purveyors of the music we love so much. Enjoy it and Bless you all Brothers and Sisters.

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Ollie & the Nightingales – 1969 – Ollie & the Nightingales

Ollie & the Nightingales… such a shame they aren’t as well-known as other stellar Southern Soul acts, or, for that matter, all those huge soul harmony groups of the day.  Fronted by the amazing Ollie Nightingale (née Hoskins), who sadly departed in 1998 at the…

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James Govan – Wanted: The Fame Recordings

A ‘jump for joy’ release for Southern Soul buffs!  James Govan, the Mississippi-born, Memphis-bred soul singer, only released three singles in the 1970s and one latter-day album in the early 80s. Among connaisseurs, his rare 45s for FAME have long been regarded as some of…

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Buddy Miles – 1970 – A Message To The People

The prolific drummer’s most creative album, ‘A Message to the People’ can well be seen as the artistic completion of Buddy’s search for perfect funk-rock-folk-soul fusion.  Retooling Joe Tex’ “You’re Right, Ray Charles” into a frenzied, hard driving, brass drenched instrumental, Miles pays hommage to…

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Etta James – 1966 – Call My Name

It’s extremely difficult for me to pick an album other than “At Last!” by the incomparable Etta James to jump-start what will most definitely be a series of Gems Of Jams to follow.  In choosing, I decided to go with one of my personal favorites…

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Sly & The Family Stone ‎- 1967 – A Whole New Thing

In truth, this is Sly’s best album, an unrecognized wonder, a great lost album. After this bold new work, his music became simpler, here it begins at its most clever and ambitious. What sets it apart from his subsequent output is how eclectic and highly…

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Boscoe – 1973 – Boscoe

One of the hippest records ever to come out of Chicago – the sole recording by Boscoe, a group who was even more obscure and experimental than contemporaries like The Pharoahs or Artistic Heritage Ensemble! Like those groups, Boscoe has a very unique, very visionary…

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Sonny Sharrock – 1969 – Black Woman

  Picked by WIRE magazine as one of the 100 records which set the world on fire, 1970s-era Miles Davis guitarist Sonny Shamrock’s LP was released in 1969 is an album of ecstatic music and produced by Herbie Mann, who loved Sharrock’s uncompromising blasts of…

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Tyrone Davis – 1970 – I Had It All the Time

Whereas Tyrone Davis would never reach the same dizzying pop heights after “Turn Back the Hands of Time”, the man remained a R&B hitmaker, and a very consistent one at that. He was, by the time of the release of ‘I Had It All the Time’, truly…

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Latest Albums

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Homer Banks ‎– Hooked By Love: The Best Of Homer Banks

This wonderful compilation brings together all of Stax songwriter Homer Banks’ solo recordings for the Minit label. Denied a singing career at Stax by Jim Stewart, who strangely didn’t seem to like Banks (and eventually pulled in by Jim’s sister Estelle Axton, who rightfully did)…

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Hot Chocolate – 1971 – Hot Chocolate

Hooooooweeeeeeee….  Man, it couldn’t get any better… this joint doesn’t need no extra cream…  The much underrated Hot Chocolate, not to be confused with the British disco band, cut one masterful greasy funk album in 1971, changed its name to Seven Miles High later on…

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The Bar-Kays – 1969 – Gotta Groove

Amazing work from the new version of The Bar-Kays – a group who reformed to become a combo as heavy as any of the best funky groups from Detroit, LA, or New York at the time! There’s a style here that’s a sweet Memphis distillation…

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Little Milton – 1970 – If Walls Could Talk

A great example of why Little Milton was always one of the few Chicago blues artists who could also break strongly in the soul camp at the time – and a beautifully balanced set that perfectly shows both sides of the Chicago scene of the…

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David T. Walker – 1973 – David T. Walker

Sublime grooves from studio guitar genius David T Walker – an album that’s a perfect summation of the laidback, yet all-there sound he crafted for so many other artists over the years – finally cast out in the lead, and set up in a sweet…

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Eddie Floyd – 1970 – California Girl

With Stax Records, Eddie Floyd has recorded some of my all-time favourite soul songs, like “Big Bird,” “Raise Your Hand,” and “Knock On Wood.”  Those songs were recorded with Booker T. & The M.G.’s though, and the album California Girl merely captures the band’s break-up instead. There are plenty of…

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Barrett Strong – 1976 – Live & Love

Barrett Strong (born in West Point, Mississippi on February 5, 1941) is often listed among the One-Hit Wonders of music for his Money (That’s What I Want) in early 1960, and I suppose for some who only look upon Top 40 Pop hits as the…

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The Mighty Clouds of Joy – 1974 – It’s Time

A landmark blend of gospel spirit and 70s soul – and one of the greatest moments ever from The Mighty Clouds Of Joy! Like so many other soul artists before them, these guys have voices that are steeped in the best traditions of gospel –…

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